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When the children and the parents and their parents are living in the same home, then these members of the family considers as the family. But when the different people who live together have some dispute sometimes. There can be many issues that can happen in a family. Some of the families resolve on their own but sometimes it becomes difficult for the members of the family to resolve on their own thus they seek help from others, i.e. friends, or some mediation. 


The dispute is common among the family. The dispute can easily occur between husband and wife that may lead them to the divorce, parents, and children due to which children left their parents or either sibling that may cause jealousy between them. The dispute makes the man angry and it also makes it aggressive commercially.  



There are many disputes between the families that can be turned into a serious node. Thus, to solve this dispute, mediation is provided to the family by a neutral person. If the parents are separated then the family dispute resolution in Melbourne helps the family to resolve the problem of the family without using the court’s laws. The family dispute resolution also a part of mediation in which a neutral person is deal the. Problem and conflict between the separated families. The family dispute resolution helps the broken families to resolve issues related to their children by discussion, with the help of a friend. Or sometimes, the problem is resolved by the Family act 1975, this act is known as the family dispute resolution (FDR). 


The mediation that helps the couples, which are deciding to get a divorce is known as divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is used to help the couple by giving them a chance to think about divorce.  In the process of divorce mediation, there is also a neutral person except for lawyers of both parties that give his full devotion to resolve the issues. Divorce mediation is the process of settlement between couples. Divorce mediation becomes successful only when both girl and boy agreed to the compromise and willing to give the relationship a new start.  In divorce mediation, there is no special need to show evidences, make the divorce mediation as simple as u can. 


Commercial disputes also occur due to many reasons like business disputes, professional negligence, competition disputes, and many other disputes. Commercial dispute resolution is also a mediation that helps individuals to resolve the issues that happened commercially. Commercial dispute resolution has the main purpose is solve the problem that occurs in different parties. The main part of the commercial dispute resolution is to provide evidence of your coordination while another party is not bothered to take the commercial dispute resolution. This resolution becomes successful only when both parties cooperate.