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Do The Crime, Do The Time

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This is the phrase that most citizens repeat when they see someone who has committed a crime or supposedly committed a crime on the evening news and the public has already convicted them before they have had their day in court. It is no longer a case of innocent until proven guilty, now it is if you are in the news in relation to a crime then you must be guilty. It is the job of Adelaide criminal lawyers to make sure that you do get a fair trial and that your day in court is represented by the facts, not the speculation of the media, that the people who are sitting on the jury are nor prejudiced against you before the court proceedings even begin. This is the premise anyway for what a courtroom trail is all about.

What it really is, is the prosecution trying to load the jury panel with people that are going to be in favour for them and your lawyer doing the exact same thing, there are only so many people that they can refuse to have on the panel, so each side has to choose carefully. This is why some verdicts take so long to come back from the jury room, there are so many people with opposing views that it is hard for them to come to agreement. It is also the job of your lawyer to poke holes in the arguments of the prosecutor and to make the facts seem to be in your favour, if you are guilty this can be a long hard job, even if you are innocent and the evidence all points to you, it can be an uncertain outcome.

The problem with trial by jury is that each person on the panel brings their own experiences to the table and that can lean them to one side or the other, they are just everyday ordinary people, who are influenced by the personality of the witnesses, the accused, the lawyers and all sorts of issues that really have nothing to do with the facts of the case.  If the person in the dock seems to be of an unsavoury character, is slovenly and is generally a nasty individual then this can aid in the prosecutors defines, it has nothing to do whether or not the accused did the deed or not, the jury simply does not have to like the person and that can lead to a guilty verdict. It doesn’t matter what a judge says and how it is hammered home about what their duties are, if the defendant is disliked enough, then it will immorality send the jury onto the prosecutor’s side. You can go on about the facts as much as you like, a lot of traffic offence lawyers in Adelaide verdicts are about perception and what the jury believes. A little old granny, with blue dyed hair will have a much better chance of beating a murder charge than a biker would, even she is guilty and he is not.